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The ULTIMATE Guide to Getting Started in Real Estate

Are you ready to make millions in the game of real estate? I’m going show you how to get started and how to create the life of your dreams even faster than I did.

How do you take this and turn it into a whole bunch of this? Guys, my name is Kris Krohn. Today we're talking about how you get started in the game of real estate. If it's day one for you and you're saying I want to be a millionaire through the game of real estate, I'm going to show you how I did that by the age of 26. But frankly, I'm going to show you how to do it even faster. Than me.

Reality. Listen, I get it. Look at how unattractive real estate can sometimes look. But you see when I see that, when I see that rundown property, when I see that run down fence, he smell. It smells like money. it's all good because reality is someone hasn't taken care of that real estate is really just a game of solving problems and when someone got a problem that's really big and you can solve it for them usually get paid with a whole bunch of that when my friends today i'm here to be your mentor and get started in the game of start in real estate because I gotta tell you, it can be really intimidating at first.

There's all this new jargon, there's language, there's so many ideas. Real estate can mean so many different things. So today my goal is to make it really simple and give you an introduction on the ideas and thoughts that literally can lead you down the road to making millions of dollars.

What do you think of my pad here? It's pretty nice, actually. Feel a little bit like Mr. Rogers showing off the neighborhood Remember that. This is a nice house, but I like about it is I like the pool, I like the lights. We're really looking at here though is a single family home. This is a home that someone buys to live in there gonna put their kids in bedrooms. They have dogs and cats. They're life. This is just one form of real estate.

Check out all the others. See, we got here. You got residential real estate. This is where people reside. You've got commercial real estate where businesses reside and you've got industrial real es Where crap gets made, this is like the messy stuff. All of them are forms of real estate and all of them sit on land and technically right now where you sit or stand, you're on a piece of real estate right now.

But already my friend, we are introducing one of the most important and sometimes most difficult question to answer kind of real estate. Should I get involved with like for example Donald Trump, he owned commercial real estate, hotels, sky rises, casinos and obviously that worked out pret Billions of dollars.

I've got a buddy who literally has hundreds of millions of dollars turning and burning through industrial parks like metal warehouses and junk yards and things like that. There's people out there that can get into like business parks or other people that want to get into trailer parks. Reality is there's a lot of different kinds of real estate.

And what I want to do is I want to share with you my opinion based on a billion dollars worth of real estate deals that have real be Frankly, the seasoned investor as well. You know, I think it be really easy for you watching this video right now and saying man, I feel a little embarrassed to really kind of ask what should I be pursuing or what real estate is best.

And I'm going to tell you right now, I'm a big fan of single family real estate, residential real estate, things like this, but not because it's entry level or like the least expensive real estate. Frankly, it's the real estate that I make the most money on.

Check The most obvious advantage of residential real estate is the sheer amount of cash flow that it could potentially generate. Unlike other types of businesses, the income from a residential property is relatively predictable and stable. Let me show you what this looks like.

Let's just say that I could buy this really simple single family house, assuming it's three bedrooms, two bathrooms, like super entry level.

Let's just say that I could buy this house for $200,000 and the bank is going to put up In fact, if I move into the house, I might just be putting down like a small 3% down payment and 3% of $200,000. Guess what? That is $6000. So frankly, you can turn a little bit of money into a lot of money. But when I say why single family and how can this lead to millions of dollars if all you did was rent out this home? Do you want my lease option systems? I'll tell you about just a little bit.

You see over a little bit of time this house is going to keep going up in value. If someday this house goes from 200,000 to being worth $300,000, guess what I can do? I can sell this house and basically I'm going to clear the difference between 200,000. I'm gonna million bucks.

Or I could go to the bank and do a refinance and the bank could actually give me some of that money and I could still hold on to the house. But for just a moment, if you bought ten of these tiny little homes, help them for 5-10 years and sold all ten of them, made 100,000 on each one of them. What is 100,000 * 10? Well, that's my friend how you get to $1,000,000.

Check this out. Did you know that since 1965 they've been tracking, on average, how much real estate goes up with time? In fact, this comes from the US Census Bureau and it says while this is interesting, despite any of these recessions, there's this force in the market that keeps making the prices of real estate go up.

You know what it is? It's baby making. People make babies. Population increases. People move to America. My dad was a German immigrant. And the more people we have, the more houses that we need. So more people create this demand saying we demand more homes be built. And so then someone has to supply those homes.

And that's when we get in the conversation. Supply, demand, supply and demand with population increase in America has done this. It's averaged an annual increase of 4.58. Percent every year since 1965. How crazy is that?

And how much money does that make you? Let's go back to the example of a $200,000 house. If I buy this house and if I were to just round up, it goes up 4.58% every year. Let's say it's going up 5% every year. What is 5% of $200,000?

That is 10 grand, literally, just by owning that house. You're gonna become $10,000 wealthier on paper. That's why after 10 years, 10 years of 10 grand, that's not even factoring in compound interest, $100,000. I'm just telling you about 10 homes, 10 years, single family, basic entry level. Like that's how you become an easy. And this is my friend is being such a fan of what I call American dream.

Talk about mansions or multi million dollar homes. I'm talking about tiny little single family homes that have 3 bedrooms. Two bathrooms. This is where a couple has maybe one or two kids, maybe they've got a dog, they got a place that they can call home. It is the real estate that is in highest demand across the country.

Or people want this than any other kind of real estate because you know what? Every new investor shares the same fear based fantasy.

What if I buy a house and no one rents it? You know what, That's why I like playing in a sector where there's all of this demand and everyone wants to move in and have Something I discovered that there is a sweet spot in the game because I've learned that higher the price, higher the risk. So you're going to get involved in the real estate.

The last thing you want to do is buy real estate that can hurt you. I've met many people over the years that didn't know what they were doing. They follow my advice, They went bought an expensive home, maybe a three, four, $500,000 home and then they quickly found out that for the cost of the mortgage, they couldn't collect and they were coming out of pocket every month. That's why I wanna show you this graph from the book I wrote, this right path. Real estate, Wealth. And here's what it really defines overtime.

If you take a look at the cost of real estate, it goes up in value. And if you were to take a minimum 3 bedroom home, and if you were to go buy real estate below the medium, meaning usually 250 grand, you're going to find a sweet spot of the highest level of cash flow positive.

But if you go above the median over 25 That cash flow dwindles, dwindles, dwindles until there's none left because you hit what's called a break even point. Give you an example, I buy $1,000,000 home. There's no way that someone is willing to rent $1,000,000 home for what the mortgage is going to cost you. If I stay with the simple little 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, I'm actually going to pick up my highest percentage of cash flow positive.

So if you're going to play single family real estate, don't buy the expensive stuff and never b Chris, I missed the boat. Where I live, real estate is really expensive. I get it if you live in the big cities, if you live in New York, if you live in LA, you need to understand that real estate. California is not the same as real estate. For example, in Tennessee, it's different all across the country.

The national media usually hovers around 250 or $300,000. If you're buying single family homes above 250 or $3000, I don't think it's going to be a wise investment in the long run. So if you live in those areas, that might be a great place for you to live or buy a home just for you and you can do OK on that.

But when it comes to investing, you're going to have to find a way to go into the markets where you can make a lot more money a lot easier. Don't worry.

In this video I'll show you how you can tap into that. Well, now you know that single family might be the best kind of real estate for you to start with and frankly even end with. That's why I've never left alone even.

For example, you could do a rental on the property or you could do this thing called lease option, which means I'm going to get it under contract a good deal and then I'm going to collect the five or $10,000 fee for giving it to an investor that wants to deal with long term could fix it up and flip it, see if I can turn a big profit. There's so many different ways of doing real estate.

What I want to do right now is I want to share with you with all the strategies, the one that I think is best. Now I need you to understand something. You're not alone. It can feel scary, the idea of just jumping into real estate if you make a mistake, it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Best thing you can honestly do is get educated and read books. In fact, if you haven't already subscribed to this channel because guess what? Multiple times every week I drop videos just like this to teach you how to be a ninja at the game of owning your own financial future and making money.

So subscribe and Of comparing the top strategies in real estate. In fact, I've compared all 30 and what I'm about to tell you is going to make you the most money if you do this in your backyard right now. Some of the top strategies include rentals.

Meaning I'm going to buy this house. I'm just going to rent it out or I'm going to buy a home to flip it, or I'm going to buy a home and instead of rent it, I'm going to do this thing called the lease option or rent to own. I'm going to put a family in this home event The Street Path system wrote a book about it. The book is free and click the link below. It's there for you. And here's what I ultimately found out. I value my time.

Don't you like if you're gonna do real estate, do you want the state that's gonna take all the time or the last time or effort? Do you want to be hard or easy, super risky or not so risky? Do you want to provide a service and create value for people? The market? Do you want it to work in good markets, bad markets? Do you want it to How many profit centers does this actually have now?

The reason why I put this matrix together is because it helped me identify the single best strategy which you're about to find out to help you on your journey. Making your first million real estate you see rentals is kind of like a part time job and fixing flips when it comes to time hyper excessive lease options.

However, when you put a family in and you say you're responsible, you fix it up for the future, you're buying it. So that's really important for you to know we're effort. Rentals are kind of like a part time job fixing flips is a full time job.

Options are minimal service market volatility, profitability. You weigh all these factors out. I'm going to share with right now the strategy with last time release effort least risk and make multiple it's in your backyard. You're going to learn how to do a special kind of lease option and call it compassionate.

And again if you click link in my below my book is free And I'll just walk you through how you buy homes and instead of just renting them you make twice as much money helping those families in the next few years actually buy the home so they're my friend is important shortcut.

Ultimately as you get in the real estate. Here's the three rules. You number one options in your backyard on entry level single family homes price below the median. You know what that means. Now number two you pick.

Do not make the number one mistake, which is I'm gonna put my head down, read a book. I'm gonna do this all by myself. You want someone watching your six? You want someone that can evaluate the numbers. Just make sure not screw this thing up. And then, of course, number three, you copy their system. In other words, do not reinvent the wheel. Someone already made millions of dollars.

The dude has made so much money in that game you should just get his system copy. So copy me and then you just copycat Tell you right now how smart people get wealthy. They don't. They just take what's proven. They take what's works. They just do it.

Speaking of which, I hope today's video rocked your world and got started in the game of real estate. I'm just one person's perspective, but if you liked it, make sure you subscribe like the video.

Importantly, I've got a handbook that will give you How I retired at age 26 and meet my first $1.6 million I'm going to tell you since then I have multiplied that portfolio so many times over. This book all coming really cool called the free game.

This is someone certified and trained for my team. I get thousands of requests every month for people saying Christy mentor help me out. I can't be in every place at once. That's why these videos. But I promise you that if you click the link below you pick up a free copy of this book. You working to get Hate Christ wanting to call you A free game plan.

Tell me where you're at. Are you young? Are you A teenager? Are you older? Are you tired of your career? You trying to get out of it? You just trying to make bucks? Like, where are your priorities? Are you working too hard and getting paid too little and they've been trained to basically step in your shoes?

If they were me to tell you exactly what I would do So today, getting the book for free, but just when you get that phone call or get a text Chris Paul, word your You know, that's that's cute. Alright dude, check it.

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