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How To Invest Money In Your 20’s

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Explore the art of investing in your 20s with expert insights from Kris Krohn. Watch videos and dive into valuable content to learn how to invest your money wisely for a brighter financial future.

Hey, friends Kris Krohn here. Today, I want to shoot a little video for you, and I want to talk about how you invest money in your 20's. I mean hands down. It's the most important time.  

In fact, I think the only reason why I retired at the age of 26 was because of a very specific blueprint that I was given by my millionaire mentors.

And if you hang tight by the end of the video, I'm also going to give that exact same download of that blueprint to you. Alright, so here's the thing that I want you to understand, creating wealth is actually really easy as long as you know the rules and what I want to do today is actually break them down for you.  

You can use these rules if in your 30's or your 40's or 50's. But the reality is retiring at the age of 26 happened because I had my hands on these rules at the age of 22. It only took four and a half years before I made my first couple million dollars.  

I had a six-figure residual income and by the way, this is my personal residence. I just got a pause and just say one of the most important parts of my home is Mr. money mailbox. Because reality is if you follow these rules, if you do it the right way, it comes in the mail. It comes direct deposited ironically. 

I actually ended up building this house at the time when I was actually quitting my job. So I've been living here now for over 10 years. It's kind of wild. I want to think about it but come on in and let me kind of break it all down for you and show you. Got awesome cleaning ladies here. Making sure that we keep our messes under control. 

So here's the first thing that you need to understand. There's no luck to this. Like when I got started and I got these rules and I learned them from three millionaire mentors. What I want to show you is that the information in the training that I got from these individuals, I was over ten thousand dollars in debt. 

I wasn't making enough money to cover my bills. The most money that I had ever made in my life at that time was $18,000. So we're talking about living deeply, deeply, deeply below you know the poverty level. And certainly what the average income is. We're just going to kind of pivot and move this way guys. So I could take me to my office and break down some of these rules that you really need ti understand pretty well. We'll shut out the vacuums. 

Alright, okay, so here's the deal.

You're in your 20's and what does everyone your age doing before? I give you this blueprint, you got to understand that without this financial training, society is already giving you a plan. Their blueprint is get good grades, go to college, work for somebody else for you know the next 30 or 40 years and you're going to retire rich. 

But if you haven't figured out by now or if you've taken time to interview people in their 40's 50's and 60's. The reality is that plan is broken. It doesn't work. Even if you're a really amazing saver right? Like a budgeter. You can't save enough money to get where you want to go. 

Check it out. This is the problem, okay? Check it out. Average person in this country. $44,000 a year. If you've never made that amount of money, it sounds like a lot. I don't know how people frankly live off of less than tens of thousands of dollars a month. Like I just... It boggles my mind. 

If you want to take a couple of nice trips, do you want to live in a nice yet average house. Talk about financial stress. So I mean this amount of money $44,000, this might be kind of what the average wages right now for the average job in this country. I'm just telling you it's not a lot of money. It's not like you're going to be living your dreams. 

The reality is let's just say though that this is not a lot of money, but let's just say you were saving 10% of your money. So you are saving $4,400 a year. Now first of all, if you put that in a savings account, you're not even earning one percent and inflation is three to four percent. So this $4,400 is worth less every single year. 

You don't have a vehicle to get it to compound but take $4,400 a year and times that by ten years What have you got? You've got $44,000. You're basically saving in a decade what you made in a year. 

Let's just say you get some raises with time. Let's just say you're lucky enough to have a couple $100,000. Because nothing goes wrong right? In this world cars don't break down and people don't have medical bills and people don't get you know, health conditions and no one wants to take trips and travel and live and have fun. 

So $200,00 like what can you do with retirement like that? Well, 200 grand if you're used to living off of 44 guess what? You can like live for six years and then you can plan your death day and die because you've run out of money and you're relying on the government. They're already running out of that money. I mean all I'm really saying here is a society plan? It sucks. It's no good. It's no bueno. it's muerto. 

So the question is what do you do? What is the information that I got? So my first mentor John Sorensen, made tens of millions of dollars in real estate investing. Ben Beeson, made millions of dollars in real estate and Greg Guyton. Millions of dollars. These three men, none of them wrote books. They never put themselves in the public eye. 

These were just really quiet neighbors that I found and I started following around it crazy saying guys,." teach me how to create wealth." Like, "how do I really do it? And what I want to do right now is I actually want to give you this entire blueprint of what I did. 

That led to financial freedom and in four and a half years, starting from the age of 22. Man that was 12 years ago that I retired. Like my life, my freedom, I mean I live in a great house. I just got back from Thailand. I'm about to go to Amsterdam. I'm going to Cambodia. I got four amazing little kids. We travel all over the world. 

Like I can afford to do so many things that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. This plan sucks. You got to get on a different plan. I'm going to give it all to you right now. Let's head over to my great room. I want to put it up on the big white board. 

Alright, after I bought my third house, now this is kind of weird. When I was young, I got married really young. I was like 22 and almost 23 when I got married. I was 23 when I got married barely and 22... My wife would be here and slapped me so hard right now,.

She knew that I was like struggling figured out. My father-in-law, he thought I was a total nincomepoop when I bought my first house because he's like, "dude you're so young, why are you buying a house?" 

And then I remember that when I bought my second house, he was fully confused like, "dude, what do you need two houses for?" What about my third house? He's just like, "I don't get you, I don't understand." Because he came from old school. Get a degree, work for a company kind of thinking. But he was doing well in his career and all of a sudden, it was weird. This crazy thing happened. It felt like it fell in my lap. 

I wanted to go do real estate faster. I was making money. I was sitting in college and like as a college kid, I was making quite a bit of money and I was like, "I wish I could go faster." And my father-in-law just happened to get home from a trip. My anniversary trip to the Bahamas and you know what he did? He said, "hey Kris, I had a weird dream that you and I were going to go and do real estate together. 

Tell me about your home. Just tell me about your deals." He started looking at my ROI. Now, by the way I want to ask you a question. If you put 3, 4,5 thousand dollars into a home and in the end let's say it made you $65,000 as this home did.

Do you want to know what that ROI is? It's like, it's too big to calculate. You need a calculator and it's just a really big number because I put in this amount of money and I got this amount of money out. Same thing on this house.

They sold this house. I mean well over $100,000 when I eventually sold the house. So I started showing my father-in-law my numbers. You know what he did? He's like, "oh my gosh his kids, he's outperforming of my 401ks, my IRAs. I should do a deal with this. Yeah and so here's what he did. He's like, "well what's your next step?" I said, "well I'm buying this house and I need like $20,000 and I can't get that money out of my other deal yet." 

So I guess I just can't do it and he said, "Kris, will make you a deal. What if we kind of got in business together 50/50 and you play the active role of doing all the work. You find the deal, you manage it, you sell it, you do all that and what I'll do is I'll be passive but I'll give you the money." I'll give you the credit and I'll give you what you need and we'll split everything 50/50."

I did not have to think about that very long before I said, "yes, okay let's do it." 

We did the steal, it made such good money that guess what he did? We did it again and we did it again, we did it again, we did it so many times. He's made a lot of money working with me and the cool thing today is it's taught me a new way of doing things. So I remember being a senior in college. I had about nine or ten homes at the time. 

I wasn't quite retired and I thought, "man, I got so lucky to have this father-in-law. I need more father-in-law's!" Light bulb! I had this idea. There are people like my father-in-law that have money, want to be passive and have credit. Dude, what if I brought them to the table, show to my deals. What if they put up the money? We just did it. 

I unlock this one principle and I started buying homes like crazy. Literally right now as we speak, I have someone else signing papers on three houses. I'm not putting up any money, I'm not putting up any credit, I just found the deals now through my team and guess what it means? It means that I'm done. I get 50/50 ownership. They think they're getting the best deal on the planet because I want to bring it all down right now. 

I want to finish this video and I want to give you this download but I want to tell you this first. Right now, society is telling you that you've got to find investments. That make five to ten percent. Find investments that are compound. Tell you to do things like put your money in a 401k because there's this seductive match. 

Put your money in an IRA. Try to pay off your house and I'm going to tell you I have interviewed 10,000 people that said, Kris, give me a plan!" And I this is their plan. And I want to tell you something for those users that are watching this. Saying I'm in my 20's. Maybe I'm 18 years old. 

I'm preparing to be in my 20's and I'm telling you that if you follow this plan, you better plan to fail because this isn't a plan. This is a failure plan. There's a broken plan. This is a guaranteed not get where you want to go.

Don't take it from me. Don't take it from me that I said I've interviewed 10,000 people. Why don't you go talk to your parents? Won't you go talk to some friends and family and neighbors and say "hey, so did you get a degree? Wow, what's your job? How's that working out for you? 

On the outside it's going great. If you got see enough to be like level with me. I'm going to college and I'm trying to figure out like my career path. How much money you make? Oh, I'm making $80,000, $40,000, $20,000, a $100,000 and then do the math."

If you can't save fifty percent of your income when you're making less than a $100,000 a year, you will never get where you want to be. Which means, this stuff, no work. It's the stuff that I'm talking about. I'm going to tell you where you can get a download of this information. Whether I ever hear from you again. 

This book is created millionaires. So I want to give that to you but I also want to tell you that I have a team where I will work with you and my team, we will train you on exactly how the system works. We'll actually give you the resources to get hands-on because when you're out there, you're going to have you're going to have questions.

I even have a team that will give you the deals and if you want to learn about that then go check out my website link in the description below and me and my team will actually do a little consultation and say, alright, level with us. What's your age, where you at, what's going on?" 

And if you say literally, "I got nothing going for me but I watch this video and I want some help." My team has good news for you. They'll be able to show you a plan. The reason why that's important to me is because I come from nothing. Wonderful parents, wonderful childhood but my parents they fought about money.

When I started out life, I just I thought this was the plan and I had to get my hands on a different plan and you need to get your hands on a plan from people that have already been where you want to be. So here's the deal. 

Check out the description in the link below and on it, you'll see an opportunity where you can request to talk to my team. We'll give you your custom game plan and the second thing that you'll do when you go there is you'll see that you can download my book. "The Straight Path to Wealth" and just put in your name and email, we'll give you the book.

It'll give you the entire blueprint and then in addition to that, every week I'll send you an email so that I can keep you up to date because I'm telling you, I'm only scratching the surface. I'm now into so many different types of investments with single-family homes, commercial deals. I'm getting into crypto on blockchain currency, I'm crushing it. 

And on most of my deals, I'm doing between 20% and 200% and my friend, if you're in your 20's, I want to tell you something. Those ROIs that you do over the next decade or two, can completely change your stars. And now one final warning. If you actually share this video with people that are older or people that are on this path, that are still committed to it, they're probably going to tell you, "dude, that guy's a total fraud. He's a pony. He's a fake." The reality is I have done hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate. I did retire at the age of 26. 

I've been able to live the most amazing lifestyle. Currently my wife has a goal of visiting a hundred countries. We visited 38 countries from around the world and my kids can do dance and ballroom and they can do Taekwondo and piano and all their different things. And listen, this video is not about being rich and having loads of money. It is about living life to the fullest. It is about the fact that you have potential. 

I have potential and we're either seizing it or we're living beneath our privilege by taking advantage of someone else's opportunities that are not working. So if you want to get the real scoop on how to do it right, then get my book. I'm giving it for free as far as ebook and audio format and good luck. I wish you the best. 

If you want to reach out and talk to my team, it's all in the description below. We're going to be freaking knock it out of the park. Thank you so much for watching this video, that's how you invest your monies if I have to do it over again that is exactly what I would do because it worked then it's working today and to some extent I'm still doing it.

How are you supposed to invest your money when you're young, in your 20s? Well, here, Limitless TV, Kris Krohn, I'm going to share with you exactly how you can take a little bit of money in your 20's and turn it into a handsome retirement. Can you invest in your 20s? Can you invest when you're in your 20's? Can you invest when you're young? 

You know there's a lot of people that really don't think that you can because you're either in college or you haven't been working long enough with the job, and when you think of investment, you typically think in terms of lots of money. Maybe tens of thousands of dollars, and you know I just haven't been around long enough on the planet to accumulate that kind of dough that I could put into something. 

But the truth is, some of your most lucrative investing begins in your 20s, and surprisingly it takes the least amount of money. The reason why I was able to retire at the age of 26 was because of a choice that I made when I was 22 years old. I'd already been married, I just finished working my first full-time year at my first full-time job, and you know what? My wife and I were working super, super hard to be responsible with money, to try to stay out of debt as much as possible, but my very first mentor had given me advice. 

He said, "Kris, when you buy your first house, if you buy it with 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars of equity, you can do that as a first-time homebuyer for as little as three thousand, four thousand, five thousand dollars." And that got me really excited because I thought, "whoa, whoa, whoa. You want me to trade three thousand dollars for thirty thousand dollars?" That's a tenfold trip, wouldn't you agree that sounds like a good investment? Well, that's the investment that got me started in my life.

So I spent a year working at it. My wife and I, you know, we did this thing called KPPPM. Cleanse parents penny-pinching month. And admit that we were going to be hyper frugal like she had learned from her parents, and we were going to spend as little as possible on dates and we are going to save as much. And after a year, we saved $5,000. And this was enough for us to buy a home that had $40,000 of equity. 

We got it. It was worth roughly 150,000. We got it for $110,000, and the day that I went to that closing table to sign, I was so skeptical and nervous trying to act as much like an adult. I spent hours poring over the documents, now it's minutes. When I finally sign on that dotted line, I felt so happy. You know why? Because I had just traded a very small amount of money for $40,000 of equity. Now the skeptics out there will say, "Well Kris that was just on paper. What did that even mean?" 

It meant that a year later I could access some of that money and buy another house with 50 plus thousand dollars of equity. Now all the sudden between my two houses I was worth over $100,000 all based on a $5,000 investment. Now you do the math. Would you trade $5,000 for $100,000? That's a 2,000 percent return.

And so can you invest when you're in your 20s? Absolutely. You do that. One of the best ways of doing is through real estate. Because if I take five grand and I put in the stock market I own $5,000 worth of stocks. If I take $5,000 and I put it in a home, then I might have 40,000 dollars in my bank account and you better bet that I'm going to be leveraging at two homes, turned into three homes, turning five homes, and ultimately that's what led to my retirement. 

So, there are absolutely investments that you can make in your 20s and now I'm going to get more specific. So how you do this is super simple. I've created a number of videos that talk about, how you buy a home with equity. How you find the right kind of realtor. You're welcome to ask questions, even work with my power team to help make this happen for you. 

And saving up that little bit of money, this was the advice I got from my mentor. He said, "honestly to do three things," he said, "stick with your job and if you change it, stay in the same industry because banks want a two-year history," he said, "number two, save up enough money for a three percent down payment," which for me was around five thousand dollars or less.

Number three he says, "develop your credit." Add very undeveloped credit, some bad credit, and I had savings time on working on my money to go ahead and put that in place. And all of that led to being ready to buy that house.

Now because I bought that house with equity like you can learn in my other videos, I was able to leverage it to buy my second home and that led to my third home and those first investments of getting my net worth over a quarter million dollars in fact just a year out of college increasing my net worth to over a million dollars and being able to quit and leave my job, that was some of the best investing I'd ever done because it led to the freedom that I wanted in my life and that is something that you can do too. 

Does this get your blood boiling? This got my blood boiling and I'm 37 and it's been now 15 years and I got to tell you, it has changed everything in my life to have access to this information. So knowledge is not power my friends, my young friends. Unless you utilize it and I'm inviting you to do just that. Make sure you're subscribed so I can get you more training, more information, and look forward to getting you more of that, soon.

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